A well-behaved husky, sitting underneath a tree after a session with a dog walker in Sarnia, Ontario.

How We’re Different

The Sophisticated Dog aims to be different than the average pet care service.  We do everything you’d expect from a professional dog walking service—and more!  We are also committed to ensuring you that our services are the highest level of quality and professionalism.

The Sophisticated Dog offers personalized canine care services to Sarnia and the surrounding area. Need someone to stop by during the day to let your furry friend out for a quick potty break?  We do that. Does your dog need a walk while you are at work or away?  We do that too!  Or perhaps you would like some help teaching your pup proper leash manners? We can help!

We specialize in both regular and occasional dog walking schedules, and also offer walks on an emergency/short notice bases.  Whatever your need is, we can do it!  Some services, such as pet sitting and dog boarding in our home, are only available to our established clients. We also offer private dog training/consulting.

Want to learn more about how we stand apart from the rest?  Learn more about The Sophisticated Dog’s founder and owner, Tracy L. Wood, or read about how our ‘enrichment’ walks are more than just about stretching your dog’s legs.

Are you ready to take a look at our services?  You can browse them quickly following the links below, or read about them in more detail from the menu.

Sit. Smile. Wag.

Plans to Suit Your Needs

Potty, food, water, belly scratch, done.
15 minutes, from $12.

Are you in need of just a quick care session for your pet?  We will stop by to let them out for a quick potty break or fill up their dish with fresh food and water.

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Private dog walking by a qualified Dog Handler who will do more than just walk your dog, we will ensure that they are exercised both physically and mentally!
30 – 60 minutes, from $15.

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Private, force-free behavioural training and customized obedience programs.
60 minutes, from $80.

Are you looking to get a little bit of extra help with your dog’s manners?  We offer private training consultations to help you bond better with your dog and achieve training successes.

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Completely customized care and special requests to suit your specific needs.
The SophisticatedCare programs are completely customized to the needs of you and your pets.  This includes all your pet sitting needs.

Programs include overnight pet sitting care, dog boarding, dog walk play dates, special dietary and exercise requests, multiple daily visits, and personalized dog training.  We’ve even stopped by to water plants and bring in the mail!

Contact us to inquire about how we can best serve you, or learn more.