Board and Train

Board and Train

Sit. Smile. Wag

On a case-by-case basis, Tracy L. Wood offers board and train, private dog training, in her home.  Board and train learning is a three week course where your dog will come, live and learn directly with Tracy and her dog pack.  During this time, your dog will learn proper social skills, obedience, basic manners, as well as proper behaviour in public spaces.

Board and Train is not suitable for every dog.  A one day trial is required before any dog is admitted into the program, to ensure that your dog does not pose a danger to Tracy’s property, household and pack members.  This one day trial costs $50 and is non-refundable. However, if your dog is admitted into the Board and Train program, the $50 is put towards the total cost of the program.

Only one Board and Train client is scheduled at a time, or there is a one week overlap as a new dog enters the program on the last week of another client.  This can mean there are wait times for the admittance to the program.

In the three week program, your dog will learn basic obedience, such as sit, down, stay/wait, come when called, go to your place and return to heel.  Foundations for loose leash walking, as well as heeling, will also be introduced.  Other issues, such as crate training, nipping, jumping up, potty training can also be added to the program at the client’s request.  Your dog will also be introduced to public spaces and learn how to conduct him or herself in places were people and other dogs are.

Tracy L. Wood is a reward-based trainer, using pets, praise, food, toys and playing to motivate your dog to focus on her and to do what is being asked.  By the end of the three week program, you will have a dog that looks to its human for guidance, as well as fun.

Included in this program is the one day trial, two free hours private training session to be used after the dog has returned home.  One lesson will be used when Tracy returns your dog to your home and the second free hour can be scheduled after any time as a refresher or if the client has questions that arise after the dog has been back home.

The cost of the board and train three week program is $2000

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