Private Training

Private Dog Training

Sit. Smile. Wag.

On a case-by-case basis, Tracy L. Wood offers private training sessions to new and existing clients.  She strongly believes in the importance of improving our relationships with our dogs and improving the quality of life for the dog.  Dogs that are acting out are not loving life like they could be, and their frustrated owners are not enjoying their dogs like they could be.  We are here to help foster a better relationship.

From spending time teaching group dog training classes, Tracy often saw that some dog owners struggled in a class simply because their dog was not ready to attend a class setting.  hank-sunlightTraining classes can be very overwhelming for certain dogs, and these overwhelmed dogs learned very little, if anything constructive at all, and were clearly stressed by the class’ end.  These dogs require private training before attending classes, so that they may slowly be allowed to adjust to a new situation. Although classroom structure is also highly beneficial to dogs, these reactive or fearful dogs may need foundations to be laid out for them at home before taking them to obedience class.  Tracy does recommend group classes for all dogs but only when/if they are ready for it, to ensure your dog’s training success.

Private training is all about your dog and every program will be designed from the ground up to focus on the exact behaviours you want to address or the obedience cues you want taught.

To learn more, check out our EnhancedCare page, or contact us for more details.