Flash Go. is a a positive reinforcement based training company established in 2018 and located in Sarnia, Ontario. We believe in creating lasting human and canine relationships in a fun, yet structured environment. We offer a wide variety of services with the aim of helping our students shape their dog into the companion they always envisioned.

We strongly believe that dog training should be fun!  It should be rewarding for both human and canine.  Our main goal for each program offered is establishing and maintaining a strong, positive relationship with your dog; a relationship built on trust so your dog turns to you for comfort and direction, and strives to please you.

We are positive-reinforcement, force-free trainers, meaning all of the classes are built on having fun with your dog, and manipulating their environment so they make good choices that we can reward them for, and then encourage these good behaviours so they are repeated.

To view what classes are offered and register, please visit Flash Go. Dog Training – Classes

Safety and well being

 Your dog’s safety and well-being during our time together will always come first.  We take your pet’s safety seriously and will take extra precaution when out on the streets or on the trails.

Safe and Compassionate

 Tracy and her dog walkers are able to recognize any signs of stress, anxiety or fear, and we know how to appropriately respond to these signs in a kind, compassionate and safe manner for both human and dog.

Expert Help & Care

 Our walks are more than just walks.  We will continually work on building up your dogs recall and attention getting skills.  We will work on your dog’s confidence if needed to prevent fear-triggers from occurring

Registered and Insured

We are a registered business and we are insured and bonded.  We also follow the training principles of modern reward-based, fear-free training methods 

Our Philosophy

We always want to put the needs of you and your dog first.  All our services are personalized and private to ensure that your dog has all their needs met and has the full attention of his/her walker.  Not all dogs are suitable for doggy daycare rooms.  Some dogs benefit more from a structural walk and personal time exploring the outdoor world.  This fulfills their needs for both mental and physical enrichment and human bonding.  We are here to service those needs.


We believe that those who you trust in the pet care industry should strive to be professional to the truest extent. We are a registered business in the province of Ontario and we are fully-insured and bonded through Canada’s only specialized insurance provider for pet care professionals—PROfur

Dog Owner Reviews

I was beyond thrilled to have come across Tracy and her team at The Sophisticated Dog while I was dealing with a medical issue and was not able to walk my two dogs. It gave me so much peace of mind to know that my dogs needs would be taken care of every single day.  

Tracy and her team are so great with ouGolden Doodle, Doug. He loves it when they come get him for a walk. Tracy has built a business doing something she loves and her professionalism is very evident.

The Sophisticated Dog walkers have eased my mind.  Each day, while I am at work, they arrive to take Patti outside, for a walk and playtime.  Patti feels special.  She is loved.

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