Why Have a Dog Walker?

Why Have a Dog Walker?

Sit. Smile. Wag.

nika-sniffingWalking your dog is the only connection your dog has to the outside world, the one beyond his or her backyard.  This is one of the reasons our dogs get so excited to go on a walk.  This is the only time they get to interact with this wide world beyond your property.  It is no wonder they pull us on their leashes—there is so much to see and sniff!  This is why walking your dog isn’t just about physical energy release, it is also about their mental health.

Daily walks should be part of your dog’s everyday life.  Consistent, positive exposure helps with a dog’s impulse control.  These walks keep him happy, healthy and mentally stimulated.  Since our lives can get busy and we can’t always get out to give our dogs the recommended 2-3 walks a day, it is important to have a professional, insured dog walker at your disposal to call.  We are there when you need us.  We help you free up your daily schedule a bit by knowing that someone has come to give Fabulous Fido a walk.

sofie-paw-in-handEven just one, 30 minute walk a day when done by a professional who knows how to keep your dog mentally exercised while doing the physical exercise can be the difference between a bored dog who acts out at home and one who relaxes more and demonstrates good impulse control behaviours.  A good, qualified dog walker isn’t just going to take your dog for a stroll around the neighbourhood, but is also going to work on their leash manners, impulse control, avoid fear-triggers and teach them a new trick or two over time.  To learn more about our ‘enrichment walks’ and why we are different than the average dog walker, go here.

Although it has become very popular to leave our dogs at dog daycare, it is very important to keep in mind that a physically exhausted dog is not a good indication that your dog had a good time at daycare, but rather, behaviour and emotional health is.  Not all dogs are cut out for the romp and roam, chaotic atmosphere for a dog daycare room and would prefer personal walks and personal attention that comes with a private dog walker.  And if your dog is a social butterfly, mixing up their daily routine with a private dog walker and days spent at daycare is a great way to socialize your dog in different environments.  Positive exposure is the best way to achieve a highly social dog.

Here at The Sophisticated Dog, we only use reward-based training equipment on our walks to ensure that your dog is happy and stress-free during our time together.  Your dogs needs will always come first.  Any treats given for good behaviour will always be high-quality, made in North America and 100% natural, and only done with your approval and guidelines.

Want to learn more about our equipment policies for dog walking?  Check out our policies page.

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