Meet Our Trainers

Meet The Trainers

Flash Go. Dog Training is Sarnia’s and area’s premier dog training school, and is home to a brilliant team of dog trainers and behaviourists to hep you achieve your training goals and show you how to build the best possible relationship with your dog.

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Megan Ravensberg is the owner/operator behind Flash Go. Dog Training, as well as the team’s head trainer.





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Jess Lumley is the lead trainer at Flash Go. Dog Training.  She graduated from the University Of Guelph Ridgetown Campus in 2012 as a veterinary and administrative assistant. Throughout this program, she studied the health of small and large animals as well as animal behaviour. She worked within veterinary practice for a few years before returning to school to follow her other passion in human medicine, becoming a nurse. Jess always had a dream to help both people and animals, so she continues to have the best of both worlds, working as a nurse and as a dog trainer. 

Outside of working in veterinary practice, Jess has also worked in many animal boarding facilities, managing small and large animals, mainly dogs. She has successfully fostered and rehabilitated numerous dogs with behaviour concerns such as anxiety and reactivity. 

Jess’ passion, enthusiasm, and dedication for dogs, dog sports, dog health and dog training has led her to train with numerous high level dog trainers from all over the world. She continues to expand her knowledge on dog behaviour, health and training by attending numerous training seminars and taking specific canine behaviour courses.  Jess is always up to date with the latest science in canine behaviour and fitness, a knowledge she brings to all that classes offered at Flash Go.

She has 5 of her own dogs in her home. All who do different canine sports. She actively competes in agility and disc as well as trains for other fun sports such as trick training, herding, barn hunt, rally-o, canine fitness and dock diving. She enjoys training her own dogs as well as taking them on adventures to new places. You will always find Jess doing some sort of activity with her dogs. 

She can be found teaching all the numerous levels of obedience classes, reactivity classes, trick training classes, agility classes and private lessons. With all of her experience in the dog world, she is sure to bring out the best in your relationship with your dog.

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Tracy Wood is academically educated in animal behaviour. She has her Bachelor of Science Honours in Biology for animal behaviour from Trent University, as well as her applied behaviour analyst (ABA) practitioner certification from studying under Dr. Susan Friedman, a psychology professor at the Utah State University.  ABA, with its roots in human learning, offers a scientifically sound teaching approach and ethical standard that can improve the lives of all animal and human learners.  Understanding how animals learn, studying animal behaviour, and helping dog owners better connect and communicate with their dogs is a passion of Tracy’s that she has brought to dog training.  

After graduating university and working in the environmental policy field, Tracy was a volunteer foster home for Homeward Tails in Virginia.  As a foster home, Tracy took care of litters of puppies to properly socialize and assess them before finding them their forever homes.  Through this program, she learned from seasoned canine professionals about how to apply her animal behaviour knowledge to the dogs that needed the most help before being adopted out.  This opened the whole world of dog training to Tracy and she has never looked back.  Over the last ten years, Tracy has dedicated her adult career to canine behaviour modification training, working with anything from basic obedience to inter-dog household aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding and reactive dogs of varying degrees. 

Tracy strongly believes that experience and continuing education in your profession is what helps make you stand apart.  In recent years, Tracy has become a certified Trick Dog instructor through Do More With Your Dog, the sanctioning body for the sport of dog tricks, as well as certifying dogs to become animal actors as an Animal Actor Certified Evaluator!  She also keeps herself up to date in the field of canine behaviour science through the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, the Animal Behaviour Society and many other organizations that support and promote the latest research in animal behaviour.

At home, Tracy’s household is made complete with her four year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Risen and a three year old Border Collie, Fundy.  Risen is a prescribed, owner-trained service dog for Tracy, helping her navigate certain aspects of her daily life and provides medical alert for a condition she has.  Risen enjoys learning tricks and is a Champion Level trick dog, certified through Do More With Your Dog, playing fetch and taking leisurely strolls through the neighbourhood.  Fundy is a Grand Champion level trick dog, and knows over 100 tricks!  Fundy leaves loves learning anything and everything.  She excels in tricks, disc, and agility.  Both Risen and Fundy are competitive in barn hunt.

Tracy can be seen teaching the obedience classes for Flash Go., as well as the Reactive Rover and Trick training classes.  She is also the official photographer for Flash Go.!

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Jenna Mullin brings to Flash Go. her years of experience and knowledge of dogs and their behaviour.  She has been passionate about animal behaviour and training from a young age and has been training her own dogs in agility and trick training since the age of 12.

Jenna has worked for many years in jobs that have given her the opportunity to study animal behaviour – teaching horseback riding and caring for a herd of 50 horses, as well working within a dog boarding facility monitoring and interpreting dog behaviour in a large group setting. From working with horses to dogs, both professionally and personally, Jenna brings to Flash Go. a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding animal behaviour.  When working at the boarding facility, Jenna is required to ‘keep the peace’ and monitor situations before problems might arise.  This has given her a keen eye when it comes to working with dogs.  She has an amazing understanding of what it takes to live in harmony with dogs, a talent she brings to the group classes at Flash Go.  She understands the importance of the human-dog relationship and is happy to assist Flash Go. clients on how to best achieve the greatest bond between them and their canine friends.  Jenna has also worked within veterinary care and has a Career Diploma with Honours as a Professional Pet Stylist.

Jenna has worked with a multitude of different dog breeds and enjoys catering to each breed’s purpose in order to help them live life to its fullest enjoyment. She shares her life with two dogs – a husky mutt named Grey and a border collie named Boogie. Grey loves to hike, run canicross, and trick train. Boogie lives to do dog sports and currently competes in agility, disc and dock diving.  Both of Jenna’s dogs are great examples of dogs living their best lives and she hopes she can help any Flash Go. client live their best life too.

Along with Jenna’s amazing skills with animals, she has had a great deal of experience communicating with people and helping them understand their dog’s behaviours. She loves helping people understand their dogs better.  She currently teaches agility classes with Flash Go! and can also be seen assisting with the other classes as well.

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