Sit. Smile. Wag.

We aim to meet the needs of all dog owners.  Was the exact service you needed not in the previous programs?  We will customize a program specifically for you!

Our SophisticatedCare program was put in place to ensure that we are able to provide our services and quality care to as many pet owners as possible.  We are happy to completely customize a care program that meets your special requests and exact requirements!  This includes all your pet sitting needs.

We also offer special services to our established StandardCare clients with who we have a good history with and new clients alike.  This includes, but is not limited too, overnight pet sitting in the client’s home, dog boarding in Tracy’s home, pre-arranged dog play dates between two established dog friends from different households, special dietary and exercise requests, multiple daily visits and any personalized behavioural training.  We’ve even stopped by to water plants and bring in the mail!

Sit. Smile. Wag.

Pet Sitting without Overnight (in your home)
(Sarnia Only)

When you go away, we offer multiple visits per day to tend to your pets in the comfort of their own home.  This is completely flexible and you can request any length and frequency as you require.  The price is based off how many walks/visits and their associated length you require per day.

The prices and lengths are as follows;

15 minute visit – $12
30 minute walk/visit – $15
45 minute walk/visit – $20
60 minute walk/visit – $25

Pet Sitting with Overnight (in your home)
(Sarnia Only)

When you go away and you would like one of us to spend the night in your home to ensure your pets have someone there in case of an emergency, we offer the multiple day visits along side of an overnight stay.  This baseline includes a 15 minute drop in to be schedule at any time you’d like throughout the day and starts at 8pm with a 30 minute walk and ends at 8am with a 30 minute walk.  The charge for this baseline is $85.

From the baseline of $85 with 1, 15 minute visit throughout the day and 2, 30 minute walks at 8pm and 8am, you are then able to add additional visits throughout the day.
1 Additional 30 minute walk during the day – $100 total
2 Additional 30 minute walks during the day – $120 total

Some services of the Sophisticated Care plan are only available to specific areas. Pet Sitting is only available to those within the city limits of Sarnia, for example.

For more details, Contact Us to inquire further about how we can best serve you with this program.