Private Dog Walking

Private Dog Walking

Sit. Smile. Wag.

Our main service is all about our private dog walking.  We aim to make our dog walking service as flexible and reliable as you need it to be.  We welcome clients who need frequent, regular weekly walks, as well as those who want our service to simply be on-call or require a changing weekly schedule.  You can schedule your walks as frequently or infrequently as you like, and we can be there for your dog on short notice too!

Each session is all about your dog.  We will refill water and food dishes as instructed and ensure that your dog has a fun, enriching, leashed walk by a qualified and trained Dog Handler.  We will also do our best wipe muddy/wet paws and tidy up a bit when the weather is rainy or snowy.  No one wants to come home to dirty paw prints!

You can purchase dog walks as you need them, only buying one at a time, or you can purchase the walks in quantity ahead of time and use them up over time.  When walks are purchased ahead of time, they never expire.  If you cancel the service in the middle of a package, you are simply refunded the remaining total of your unused walks.

Sounds easy, right?  Below you will find our special pricing table for all our walk lengths and their associated packages.
All Prices include HST.

Length1 Session5 Sessions10 Sessions15 Sessions20 Sessions
Save $5
Save $15
Save $25
Save $45
Save $5
Save $15
Save $25
Save $45
Save $5
Save $15
Save $25
Save $45

Additional Fees
In addition to the walking packages above, services that are requested outside of our regular hours and area or are for multiple dog households may be subject to additional service fees.

More than One Dog
We want to ensure that your dogs get the most of of a walk with us.  That is why our Additional Dog charge is only applied when both dogs need individual attention on the walk.  With this charge, each dog will be walked with his or her own walker at the same time.   If your dogs have acceptable leash manners and don’t need individual attention, the Additional Dog fee is waived!
Additional Dog Charge for 30 Minute length Single or Package = $5 per walk
Additional Dog Charge for 45 Minute length Single or Package = $6 per walk
Additional Dog Charge for 60 Minute length Single or Package = $7 per walk
*Additional Dog Charge cannot be added to a 20 Session package (only 5, 10, and 15)

Service Outside Our Regular Service Area
At this time our Service Area covers Mooretown to Lake Huron, including Corunna, Point Edward and Brights Grove, and the St. Clair River to Blackwell Side Rd—and all places in between. Under special request, we will go outside of our service area for an additional charge based on distance traveled to and from the client’s home.

Service Requests earlier than 9am, after 4pm and on Weekends
Typically, our walking hours are Monday to Friday, starting at 9am and ending at 4pm. We are happy to provide service outside of these hours on occasion for no additional fee as long as there is a walker available. However, if approved,  any client who frequently requires walks outside of our regular hours will be subject to an additional charge of $6 per walk/visit.

Service Requests on Statutory Holidays / Christmas Holidays
Walks and Visits that are requested on Statutory Holidays are based on a walker’s availability as well as being subject to an additional charge of $12 per walk/visit.
(New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day)
In addition to the above, we consider the days in between the 26th of December and 1st of January our personal “Christmas Holidays” and do not offer regular scheduled walks during this time (but special requests for walks may be able to be accommodated).

Accepted Payments
Payments are due, in full, on the first day of service for all walking packages and single price walks.
Payments for any additional fees are due on day of service in which they are applied or can be arranged ahead of the required schedule.
Preferred Payments are e-transfer, but cash and cheques can also be accepted.

Our Complimentary Services
20160321_125907-01Tidying up after a walk, cleaning up any pet messes, post-walk/visit text updates when requested, watering plants and bringing in the mail, pet medication administration, and basic grooming upon request.
Also, for our clients who purchase walk packages, you will be given a ‘RuffReport Journal’ that our Dog Handlers will use every time they walk your dog.  This journal will be used to keep track of the day the walker came, what walk number from your total was used and to write you a little message about how the walk went and if there were any concerns about your much loved pooch pal.

Are you ready to sign up?  You can begin by filling out this online form so that we can create a personalize dog profile for you.  After that has been submitted, we will contact you to set up the initial meet and greet.

Have questions?  Contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

If you want to learn more about how our walks are different, go here.  And if you would like to learn about our walking policies and walking tools that we use and don’t use, learn more here.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions policies can be viewed here.