Tracy L. Wood Photography

Tracy Wood has such a passion for both animals and photography.  She started her photography journey back in 2017, just wanting to capture photos of her own dogs.  This soon became a professional hobby, as she was invited by friends and family to help capture those special moments.  Tracy partner with Flash Go. Dog Training (previously as Tender Touch Dog Training) to cover their workshops, seminars and sporting events in agility.  She is now the official photographer for all dog events and classes hosted by Flash Go. Dog Training.

Tracy now travels to dog sporting events to cover the events and capture these athletic dogs at their finest moments.  She has also expanded in capturing portrait work of clients pets, specializing in photography in natural environments.  On special requests, Tracy also brings her talents to special occasions, such as weddings and graduations.

Tracy’s photography is supported by a Song a1 camera, the best mirrorless camera on the market, which is sure to bring you the best possible photos of any moment or event.

Browse the links below to see some examples of Tracy’s work.

Portrait Work

Looking to capture some previous memories of your furry companions?  We have you covered.  We specialize in capturing your pet(s) in a natural environment.

Dog Sport Work

No matter what dog sporting event you are doing, we’ve got you covered.  We specialize in agility but can cover disc, lure coursing and sprinters, nosework and barn hunt, and obedience.  Indoors or outdoors.

Special Event Work

On special request, we also cover your special events, such as weddings, engagements, graduations, proms, family reunions, sporting events and more. This is in partnership with Into the Wild Photography, to ensure that you have two professional photographers present so no special moments are missed!

We also work with breeders and their puppies!  If you want to showcase your new litter with a professional backdrop, please reach out to us!

Sit. Smile. Wag.

Pricing can be found here.

Interested in speaking to Tracy about her photography?  Use the Contact Us form to reach out and let us help you capture all those special moments!