About Us

About The Sophisticated Dog

Our Vision

…is to change the way pet parents assess the quality of those they choose to employ to walk and care for their pets.  While other dog walkers may be experienced, loving and well-meaning, our goal is to put an experienced, qualified and trained Dog Handler on the other end of your dog’s leash.  We ensure that your dog’s needs are fully understood and met.  We aim to provide exceptional, loving care for your pooches at reasonable prices. Why trust just anyone if you can afford a qualified professional?

We Believe

 …that our canine companions enrich and enhance our lives. They provide loyalty, companionship, comfort, unconditional love, and happiness for our home and family. In turn, we believe that canine care should be personalized and that your pets should be given the same kind of love, respect, and patience that we give our own.

Our Promise

…is that your dog’s needs will always come first.  As a dog trainer who has been working with dogs for almost a decade in a professional manner, I understand that dogs don’t always work on our schedule.  They need our patience.  I know that respect goes both ways when it comes to humans and dogs, and that is why we promise to never rush a care session with your dog and that we will always move at the exact pace that your dog needs us too.

Service Area

Currently, The Sophisticated Dog serves an area covering Mooretown to Lake Huron, including Corunna, Point Edward and Brights Grove, and the St. Clair River to Blackwell Side Road—and all places in between!