Exclusive Home Boarding

Sit. Smile. Wag.

The Sophisticated Dog was brought to life with the understanding that not all dogs are created equal and we wanted to ensure that we could meet the needs of every dog out there.  As dog owners ourselves, we understand the guilt and sadness that comes when we have to leave our beloved canines behind when we go away.

As part of our services to meet all your needs, we are happy to provide dog owners with another option when Kenneling and Pet Sitting just aren’t a right match for your dog – Exclusive Home Boarding!

We feel that by providing a home for a dog to stay in while their owner is away, we help reduce the stress and anxiety that dogs feels when their beloved humans go missing.  To learn more about why we choose home boarding, go here.

The Sophisticated Dog’s owner, Tracy L. Wood, has had the pleasure of taking into her home some of our walking client dogs.  However, we consider our boarding to be exclusive, only taking one or two dogs on at a time.  This is why we have partnered up with Awesome Paws in Sarnia to give even more options to our beloved dog friends!

Sit. Smile. Wag.

The owner/operator of Awesome Paws, Marita Linde, has been a primarily dog walker for The Sophisticated Dog for almost a year now.  She operates her own Home Boarding business out of her lovely Sarnia north end home close to
13568839_10104261764901052_3833698869497553533_oLakeshore and Indian Road.  She has had the pleasure of taking care of not only The Sophisticated Dog’s clients in her boarding program, but also has her own roster of boarding clients.

The Awesome Paws home offers a fully fenced and secure backyard, a living space in the home dedicated to the boarding dogs, as well as access to the rest of the house, and no children.  Marita’s own dogs, Scooter and Dale, are well socialized and great with dogs of all sizes.  These resident dogs at the Awesome Paws home ensures that your dog will always have a playmate to enjoy.  The home also has a resident cat, Sid, who is used to the active lives of dogs.

You can find pictures of all of Awesome Paw’s happy clients at their Facebook Page, as well as contact information for Marita.

The home of Awesome Paws is beautiful and your dog(s) will love all the space, care and attention that they will receive as a very special guest to the home.  Below you can view an image gallery that contains a few pictures of the home of Awesome Paws Pet Services.

Sit. Smile. Wag.

Home Boarding Pricing

No matter where your dog stays, the price for our boarding is the same.  We charge $30 per 24 hours, or $20 per day or $10 per night.  We aim to be as flexible as you need with drop off and pick up times but we prefer stays to end either in the morning hours or the evening hours.

Have questions?  Please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!