Why Home Boarding

Why Choose Home Boarding?

Sit. Smile. Wag.

There are a lot of options out there for having your dogs taken care of when you are away, such as pet sitting, kenneling, boarding with dog daycare and so on.  However, not all dogs are best suited for one of these types of care and having options available to you and your dog is important to ensuring less anxiety while you are away (for both you and your dog!)

Traditional boarding kennels give dogs their own kennel space, typically with an indoor and outdoor portion, and some allow you to pay extra to have your dog out in a play yard for certain amounts of time each day.

The newer style of boarding kennels come with dog daycare, allowing your dog to run around with other socialized dogs during the day and their own private space in a kennel at night.

However, both of these styles of boarding don’t necessarily come with a lot of human contact and individual attention for your dog.  They also come with risks such as kennel cough and injuries when disagreements break out between different dogs.  Since all dogs are individual, some dogs crave that human element more than being around other dogs and although dogs are generally excited to go and play with other dogs, large play groups don’t allow dogs to play one-on-one (the preferred method of dog play).

A third option is In-Home Pet Sitting, where you dog gets to stay in the comforts of their own home and a professional pet sitter comes to check in on them, for potty breaks, walks, playtime and feeding, multiple times a day.  The Sophisticated Dog does offer Pet Sitting but we also understand that some dog owners might not be comfortable leaving their dog alone in their home for hours.

Although most people look towards traditional boarding kennels for their dogs when they are away, Home Boarding is a much more personal and exclusive option for your dog.  It offers the comforts of a home to your dog so they can feel like they are on a bit of their own vacation.

Home pet boarding offers dogs individual attention, regular walks, trips to the park and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the household without feeling overwhelmed by dozens of different dogs at a traditional boarding site.  We can also keep up with your dog’s regular routine, including their eating schedule, bathroom breaks, exercise requirements and any sort of grooming necessities.  This all results in your dog having less anxiety over the fact that you’ve gone away.

While price is always a consideration, how your dog will be cared for while you’re away is paramount.  We feel that having your dog stay in a home, if not their own than someone’s who they are familiar and comfortable with, is the best option for most dogs when their owners go away.

We feel that any pet care business should aim to ensure that someone else’s beloved pet has the very best time and best possible care when staying with them, and that is why we offer exclusive home boarding.  With home boarding, we are able to be there for your dog in every and any way that they may need.